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Our mission is to empower the private sector to promote respect for universal human rights through their actions and policies

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Tailored solutions

In today's global business environment, companies are increasingly expected to understand the human rights impacts of their operations. This is not always easy or straightforward. We can assist by applying our expertise in human rights with the business acumen required to ensure a comprehensive yet cost-effective approach, allowing your business to clearly communicate its goals both internally and externally.

Comprehensive approach

We help businesses to identify and craft policies and processes to evaluate and address human rights risks in their business and supply chains.

Services we provide include: 

Diagnostic consultations and issue spot-checks

Policy templates and guidance

Human Rights Impact Assessments (HRIAs)

Drafting reports and statements (e.g. Modern Slavery Act statements, Gender Pay Gap reporting, etc)

Periodic monitoring

Pioneering experience

Founded in 2013, Fair Play is an established specialist consultancy with the know-how to get it right the first time. Our experience in business and human rights is grounded in the real world, having met with managers and assessed factories in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Because of this experience we can call upon a global network of experts to facilitate our partnerships.

Our Partners


Registered Stronger Together Expert Consultant

Stronger Together

Do you need expert guidance or in-house training to assist you to tackle modern slavery in your business? 

Whether you are at the start of your journey to tackle modern slavery or have a well-developed programme of work to tackle systemic human rights abuses, Stronger Together offers expert guidance and tools to suit your needs. 

Stronger Together is a multi-stakeholder business-led initiative aiming to reduce modern slavery particularly forced labour, labour trafficking and other hidden third party exploitation of workers. We provide guidance, training, resources and a network for employers, labour providers, workers and their representatives to work together to reduce exploitation.

Organisational Performance Assessments: 

A two-day supportive and participatory assessment which analyses gaps, reports business’ strengths and provides organisations with detailed recommendations and action plans to support organisational improvement.

The ground breaking assessments are delivered by Stronger Together trained and approved business and human rights expert consultants, to provide independent verification of a company’s progress in tackling modern slavery.

Benefits of the Organisational Performance Assessment:

  • Provide an affordable, expert assessment of their organisation’s performance in tackling modern slavery in both their business and supply chain
  • Identifying strengths, gaps and areas for improvement to inform future strategy and actions on tackling modern slavery 
  • Helping to engage and gain support in tackling modern slavery from senior management and other business functions not typically focused on ethical requirements 
  • Enabling organisations to easily demonstrate progress made to their clients and to reflect in Modern Slavery Statements.  



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